Kimberlee Koym-Murteira
Artist Statement
I collect materials around the house, Ziploc bags, cereal bag liners, plastic bottles and glass jars.  I fill these containers with various liquids that bubble, ooze and/or stagnate.  Using my video camera and projector, I coax these everyday objects to become something more, heightening their dimension into the realm of fairytale. I began this process by projecting video through a plastic bottle filled with water.  Moving the bottle around I enlarged and distorted the image sending fragments of the imagery and shimmers of water rippling around the room.  I find myself continually drawn back to this action, repeating this experiment in various formats, using anything from baby food jars to cereal bags, and resulting in small objects and full-scale installations.
I am grappling with understanding the complexities of daily reality, the home and its psychological factors. I focus on details of the mundane, and magnify its vibrancy, which is at the root of my preoccupation.  It is as if these snippets I film have been plopped into a gurgling fish bowl so that I can see them through my self-made amplifying lens.